Q. Will STA's nickel-plated keys affect the cutting wheel on a key-duplicating machine?                              

A: No more so than the keys you are already cutting.

Q: Can I have my logo coined on the key?

A: YES…the die charge is $175 per bow (large and small), for name/logo phone number, but we periodically run promotions for a free die.


Q: What can be coined on the keys?

 A: STA's keys can be personalized in various ways: Your business name or brand, the address, telephone number of your enterprise, your license number and DO NOT DUPLICATE on the reverse side will be professionally coined onto the neuter bows of STA's brass or nickel-plated brass key blanks. For best results, supply the artwork for your logo and/or use a maximum of 3 lines and 12 characters per line.

 Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Yes the minimum order is 500 per keyway, but if you require less than 500 blanks of any keyway embossed, a price of $0.50/blank will be charged regardless of the total order.

Total order of 3000 keys and more $.35/key + Free Die and color inserts

Total order of 2000 – 2999 keys $.40/key + Free color inserts

Total order of 1000 – 1999 keys $.45/key + Free color inserts

Total order of 500 – 999 keys $.48/key + Free color inserts

All Keyways under 500 keys $.50/key + Free color inserts

Prices are subject to change.

 Q: Are your keys made of Nickel Plated Brass?


A: Yes, STA's blanks are made of Brass or Nickel Plated Brass.


 Q: What is the delivery time?


A: Delivery in eight to ten weeks.

For Feb Delivery please order before Jan 03 2013

For Apr Delivery please order before Mar 04, 2013

For Jun Delivery please order before May 05, 2013

For Aug Delivery please order before Jul 02, 2013

For Oct Delivery please order before Sep 02, 2013

For Dec Delivery Please order before Nov 04, 2013

 Q: Why is there a second hole in the keys?

A: Since all the bows are the same, your customer could get confused between keys. The second hole is designed to hold a rubberized color insert in order to color code the STA keys.


 Q: Is there any identification on your keys?

A: There is no identification on STA's keys themselves. There is only identification on the box. The exceptions are Steelcase and Haworth file cabinet keys, which even seasoned locksmiths could get, mixed up.

 Q: How do I arrange payment?


A: Cheques, certified cheques, postal/ bank money orders, and credit cards through PAYPAL. (Credit cards payment will incur 3% surcharge). A 50% deposit of the total order should accompany the customer approved order form.

 Q: Is there a die charge?

A: For 3000 key blanks per bow (not keyway) there is no die charge. For orders fewer than 3000 keys, there is a die charge of $175 per bow.

 Q: How does your price compare to other companies?

A: In comparing STA's coined keys vs. the other companies’ regular key blanks from your supplier (if not on promotional special) STA's coined key blanks are similar or cheaper. In comparison to other companies’ coined keys, STA's keys are at least 33% cheaper.

Q: What if I require a keyway not on your list?

A: We requires a minimum order of 10,000 keys per keyway, but since we sell key blanks across North America we can compile the number needed to make it. Please let us know the keyways and amounts you require. We will advise you once the minimum order has been reached